Hey CrossFit DFW family – it’s time to take up arms (and mustaches) in the fight against prostate cancer which is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. We are partnering with the Movember Foundation to halve the number of deaths from prostate cancer by 2030.  Want to help stop men dying too young?  Good, here’s how you can help.

Men – On October 31st shave your manly face.  Then, for the next 30 days, don’t let a razor touch that sacred area between your nose and upper lip.  Shave your chin, shave your chops and burns, feel free to shave every other part of your body if you like, but DO NOT shave your mustache!  In addition to proudly sporting your manly ‘stache, you’ll pay a $20 buy-in (to the Movember Foundation) and IF you bail on your fellow mustachio’d brethren by shaving before November 30th you’ll pay an additional $20 wuss-out penalty (also a donation to the Movember Foundation).  Other than that, just let it grow and encourage everyone you know to donate to the cause!

Women (and men not participating) – We are asking you to pledge a dollar amount per mustache that survives until November 30th.  For example:  You pledge $3 per mustache.  At the end of November there are 25 manly ‘staches remaining in the gym, then you donate $75 to help the fight against Prostate Cancer.  Also, if your man is rockin’ a wicked lip sweater for the cause, encourage him with phrases like “Damn, you look like a sexier Tom Selleck” or “That ‘stache makes you look groovy!”  And other things to keep him growing.

CrossFit DFW – we will award prizes for the best and worst mustaches that survive the month.

Sign up in the gym, follow this link to set up your profile and help make a difference!