Know your “Why”.  Let your “Why” influence your Goals.  Make a Plan to acheive your Goals.

Join us April 14, 2018 Saturday morning 7:30 – 8:30 am as we discuss the importance of knowing why YOU train, setting goals to support the reason you train and making a plan to get there. Is your goal to fight the enevitable effects of aging?  To enjoy life to the fullest outside of the gym?  To look good naked?  To make the things you love to do outdoors easier and more enjoyable?  To compete on a local level?  To make it to the CrossFit Games?  Regardless of “WHY” you train we all stay more focused and see better results when we have goals to work towards.  And of course to acheive your goals you need a plan, a road map to get there.  Join us Saturday to get started!