Holiday BINGO will start this Monday, November 27th and run through Friday, December 22.  Here is how it will work: You will pick up a BINGO card at the gym, as you complete the activities you will initial that square.  When you get five in a row – show a trainer, draw a line through the five you completed, and add your name to the gift box.  A few times a week we will draw a name out of the box and the winner will choose a prize from the prize buffet.  Prizes range from gift cards, to rogue hats, and junk headbands.  There will be some kill Cliff and Progenex up for grabs as well.

A few notes: Any athletic challenges have to be done at the box before or after class time unless noted otherwise, BINGO sheets can be kept in your gym bag or in the binder at the box, and lastly – the challenge starts tomorrow so no false starts.  Enjoy!