Labor Day Legion 8

Legion 8 | CrossFit DFW

Labor Day Legion 8 Join us Monday, September 2 for the annual Legion 8 Memorial Workout. Classes at 7:30 am and 9:45 am with the presentation by Jeff Morris at 9:00 am. So either workout and stay for the presentation, or come at 9:00 for the presentation and then workout. Either way we look forward […]

Let the Open Change You

Let the open change you | CrossFit DFW

Hopefully now that the CrossFit Open has ended you are able to look back on your workouts and find some things to be encouraged by.  Maybe you got your first strict handstand push-up, toes to bar or double under.  Maybe you did all the workouts Rx.  Or maybe you improved your ranking in the gym […]

Xendurance Sponsors Friday Night Lights

We are excited to have Xendurance joining us this Friday night as our 19.3 Sponsor!  They will be giving away prizes, free samples and talking about their incredible supplements.

Post Workout Recovery Protein – Progenex

Progenex Logo

The most commonly used supplement for recovery after a workout is Whey Protein.  Once the muscles are depleted following an intense workout there is a short window of time to refill them with protein and a few carbohydrates.  Getting these nutrients into the muscles quickly is key to speeding up recovery.  So the size and […]

Bar Muscle-up Class

Bar Muscle-Up Clinic | CrossFit DFW

Are you close to getting that first bar muscle-up, have you gotten a muscle-up or two in the past but seem to have lost them, or just have trouble stringing bar muscle-ups together?? Sunday, February 17 we will be coaching a bar muscle-up class from 12:15 – 1:00. $10/per person. E-mail to register. We […]

Pull-up Clinic

Pull-up Clinic | CrossFit DFW

Looking to get your first pull-up?  Looking to improve your pull-up technique?  Strict, kipping and butterfly pull-ups as well as a customized plan with daily homework to work on pull-ups. Class size is limited to 15 people so register today! Sunday, January 27 from 12:15 – 1:00 pm Cost is $10 Max Class size is […]

CrossFit DFW Teens

Teen Classes | CrossFit DFW

A big reason we had to adjust our schedule recently is the growth of our CrossFit DFW Teens program. We now have the entire gym and have added another Coach to continue offering a quality experience for our Teens community. Come join us Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 pm!  

800 Gram Nutrition Challenge

800 Gram Nutrition Challenge

WHAT IS IT? This challenge was designed by OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eat 800 grams (g) or fruits and/or vegetables, by weight, per day.  No foods are eliminated, but only fruits and veggies count toward the 800g. Eat the fruits and veggies or your choice. Hit the macros you want. Raw, cooked, canned, frozen; doesn’t matter!  If […]

CFDFW Bingo!

CrossFit DFW Bingo

  Holiday BINGO will start this Monday, November 27th and run through Friday, December 22.  Here is how it will work: You will pick up a BINGO card at the gym, as you complete the activities you will initial that square.  When you get five in a row – show a trainer, draw a line through the five […]

Movember Comes to CrossFit DFW

Movember | CrossFit DFW

Hey CrossFit DFW family – it’s time to take up arms (and mustaches) in the fight against prostate cancer which is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. We are partnering with the Movember Foundation to halve the number of deaths from prostate cancer by 2030.  Want to help stop men dying too young?  […]