Who is CrossFit DFW?
Simply stated, we are the best box in town!  CrossFit DFW has been leading the CrossFit community in Southlake, Keller, North Richland Hills and the surrounding Mid-Cities since 2010.  We are the oldest CrossFit gym in Southlake and continue to provide the best fitness experience in the area.  We provide unmatched community, the highest quality coaching and we lead the area in fitness for adults, teens and kids alike.

What is CrossFit DFW?
CrossFit DFW is a strength and conditioning program that is infinitely scalable and workable for everyone.  CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.  It is also a great results, community, and fun!

Constantly Varied
CrossFit is never boring.  With a different workout everyday your will body will be constantly guessing and constantly adapting.  You will never do the same workout two days in a row.  CrossFit is always looking for new ways to challenge your body.

Functional Movement
Almost everything you will do in CrossFit is meant to mimic the types of movements you do in real life.  We do exercises that are natural: squat, lift, pull, push, and throw.  One of CrossFit DFW’s main goals is to make you better at everything you do inside and outside of the gym.  That can mean killing it at your next competition, making it all 5 days on your family ski trip, or being able to pick up and hold your grandkids.

High Intensity
Intensity is what makes progress possible.  Though it sounds intimidating, intensity will look different for every athlete.  The coaches at CrossFit DFW will make sure that everyone starts at their appropriate level and progresses from there.
Our small group classes will offer personal coaching everyday.  You will be challenged everyday and come back ready for more!

CrossFit is for everyone.  Don’t believe the lie that it is only for young athletes or that you have to be in shape to start CrossFit.  It is for soccer moms and college athletes alike.

CrossFit fits into your schedule.  Classes are done within an hour and are offered throughout the entire day.  You are sure to find one to fit your busy schedule.

CrossFit is community driven.  You will become part of the CrossFit DFW family.  You will make friends, be encouraged, and encourage others.

You will be coached.  From the beginning to the end of class our commitment is on coaching you, working on form, and helping you realize your entire potential.
Whatever your goal is, to be better at your sport, to get your life back, or anything in between, CrossFit DFW can help you make it happen.

Content courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

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