Jake will be teaching an 8 week running class starting April 26.  This will be a beginner/intermediate level course, and the primary focus of the running class will be running form and technique. Every class will start with a full Track & Field style warmup with specific drills, strides and accelerations designed to reveal running form to the athlete. This will be the main focus for week 1 especially, as the athlete will not be accustomed to a full Track and Field warmup yet.

Once we get used to the warmup we will implement mostly interval style workouts used for a broad range of runners. These workouts can be anything like 200m repeats with specified rest in between, to pulling sleds and banded partner runs. Those that are more the marathoner-type will get an extra boost to their end-race kick with this course, but long distance running will not be the focus.

This is high intensity interval training, so CrossFitters should feel at home here. We will have an introduction to plyometrics (jump training) as it benefits running greatly. We will not get too heavy into this modality though, as beginners will struggle to grasp the technique at first and I would like to minimize injury as much as possible. If there is a demand for an advanced running class in the summer, we will see a heavier prescription of this kind of training.

Everything in this class will be scalable. I will have recommendations for amount of reps and specified reps for people of different levels, such as sitting out for a particular rep to regain breath. Any level of runner is welcome to join but obviously it is recommend to enter the class without significant lower body ailments.

To sign up for this class or ask questions please email courtney@crossfitdfw.com