Let the Open Change You

Let the open change you | CrossFit DFW

Hopefully now that the CrossFit Open has ended you are able to look back on your workouts and find some things to be encouraged by.  Maybe you got your first strict handstand push-up, toes to bar or double under.  Maybe you did all the workouts Rx.  Or maybe you improved your ranking in the gym […]

Whole Life Challenge

Whole Life Challenge Are you looking to get your nutrition back on track, looking to sleep better, have more accountability to getting in the gym, work on your flexibility??? All of these things are addressed in the Whole Life Challenge. It has been a few years, but starting April 13th we are participating again as […]

Xendurance Sponsors Friday Night Lights

We are excited to have Xendurance joining us this Friday night as our 19.3 Sponsor!  They will be giving away prizes, free samples and talking about their incredible supplements.