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American Ninja Warrior Training

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Watching American Ninja Warrior has become a summer time tradition.  That tradition also includes a lot of jumping on and off the furniture, climbing up door openings and bouncing off the walls.  Mostly from our kids of course.  So far we are injury free from all this “training”. I can’t help but notice that the background stories of contestants almost always shows them training in facility that either IS a CrossFit Gym or looks very similar to a CrossFit Gym.  This should come as no shock to us that CrossFit since the majority of the obstacles are closely related to so many of the movements we use on a daily and weekly basis.  If you are going to train for American Ninja Warrior there is no better method than CrossFit.  Constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity sounds like the perfect fit right?  Pull-ups, Dips, Muscle-ups, Toes to Bar, Running,…

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