Sunday Skills – 4/27 – The Zone

Join us for an in depth discussion of the Zone Diet.  This is the best method to fuel your body for peak performance AND for overall health and fitness.  Sunday at 2:00 pm.  Reserve your spot in Wodhopper today!

Girls Week

April 21-26 is our Bi-Annual Girls Week.  Twice a year we repeat the same 6 workouts to use as a benchmark of our fitness.  This is an important week to measure progress so get plenty of rest, solid nutrition and come everyday ready to roll!

Post-workout Nutrition

Post-workout nutrition

It never fails:  time is called, the WOD is over, athletes take a minute or two (or five!) to catch their breath and put away their equipment, then out come the shaker bottles filled with their recovery shake of choice. Many athletes at CrossFit DFW use some kind of shake and/or meal after the WOD […]