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Girls Week

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April 21-26 is our Bi-Annual Girls Week.  Twice a year we repeat the same 6 workouts to use as a benchmark of our fitness.  This is an important week to measure progress so get plenty of rest, solid nutrition and come everyday ready to roll!

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Post-workout Nutrition

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It never fails:  time is called, the WOD is over, athletes take a minute or two (or five!) to catch their breath and put away their equipment, then out come the shaker bottles filled with their recovery shake of choice. Many athletes at CrossFit DFW use some kind of shake and/or meal after the WOD to help their bodies recover from the work they just completed, and with good reason.  During the WOD, you are depleting energy stores in your tissues, as well as causing microscopic damage to your muscles and surrounding tissue.  This sounds bad, but it’s not……when your body repairs that damage post-WOD, the tissue becomes stronger, meaning that over time you’ll make gains in strength, speed, and/or endurance.  This result is why we workout, right? One of the best ways to help your body along in this rebuilding process is to eat a post-WOD meal after the…

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