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Sunday Skill – Snatch

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Mastering the Olympic Lifts is a lifetime pursuit that takes coaching and loads of practice, practice and practice.  Join Lance this Sunday, December 1st for an hour of focused work on the Snatch.  There are only 12 spots available so make sure you reserve yours on Wodhopper!

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Help For the Holidays

By | General CrossFit, News, Nutrition

We’re almost one week into our holiday nutrition challenge, and have survived the first hurdle:  Thanksgiving Day.  How did you do?  I hope you made some good food choices, maybe got in a workout before or after your meal, and did treat yourself to one serving of your most favorite Thanksgiving treat! Now that we’re heading into the official holiday season with parties, shopping and all kinds of craziness, I thought I’d offer a few survival tips.  If you follow these guidelines, you will not gain the proverbial holiday weight, nor will you go crazy from sugar overload. First of all, review CFDFW Nutrition Guidelines.  While I don’t expect you to eat paleo-perfect during the holidays, it’s good to have a goal in mind and know which foods to limit (sugar!!!!) and which foods to stock up on (veggies and meat). Second, make a weekly menu plan.  Consider your schedule…

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