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Technique vs Intensity

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If you know anything about CrossFit, you know that trainers harp endlessly on two things in all WODs: Intensity and Technique. For the newbie CrossFitter, that seems such an ambiguous ideal. After all, how can you maintain perfect snatch technique, as you would on your one rep max, throughout the entire benchmark WOD Isabel when you are quite literally gasping for every breath, slightly dizzy from the incessant “up-down”, and pushing the verge exhaustion? Before we try to answer that question, let’s discuss a few things. First, it is important to define both ideals we are striving toward. Technique is blatantly obvious; the execution of any movement throughout its full range of motion while maintaining the upmost integrity in all points of performance ideals (i.e. midline stability) in a movement. Intensity, from a face value standpoint, seems to require a more relative definition. However, in CrossFit, we can mathematically measure…

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What’s on Your Plate?

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In classes at CrossFit DFW we talk a lot about functional movement, proper form and technique, the importance of pushing hard some days, and taking it easy when that nagging injury is flaring up. We talk about hand care, getting whipped by the jump rope and the infamous sit-up rash. What we don’t get to talk about often enough is nutrition. I once heard that your performance in the gym is 75% diet. What that means is that you can work your tail off at the gym, getting in a WOD 5-6 days a week, doing extra work at open gym and running a few miles on the weekend at home, and still hit a plateau in your performance. Yes, you’ll see some gains here and there, a small PR on a deadlift, a slightly faster Fran time, one more rep on your max-rep pullups……but those milestones will be fewer…

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