Meet YOUR goals, at YOUR pace, on YOUR schedule

While we personally love the group classes that CrossFit DFW typically offers, we can can understand why some people would prefer coaching in a one on one environment.

One on one coaching is for you if you:
– have a weakness you want to work on
– are overcoming an injury
– prefer a more personal environment when you workout
– desire personalized programming designed to suit you and your fitness and nutritional goals

People looking for individual, focused attention often prefer to work one on one with a quality, knowledgeable coach. That attention can help push then through a sticking point in their training or particular body part they want to change. Workouts are tailored to their specific needs and nutritional concerns are addressed to achieve the clients goals. Personal training also provides a solid personal relationship where encouragement and tough love can co-exist.

At CrossFit DFW we provide the best of both worlds offering group CrossFit classes as well as Personal Training.

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