Hopefully now that the CrossFit Open has ended you are able to look back on your workouts and find some things to be encouraged by.  Maybe you got your first strict handstand push-up, toes to bar or double under.  Maybe you did all the workouts Rx.  Or maybe you improved your ranking in the gym and/or globally over past years.  But if you are like most of us there are areas of weakness that were exposed in at least one of the 5 workouts and that has left you a little disappointed.  Join the club.  We all have strengths and weakness.  We all get a little giddy when a workout includes the movements we love and we all feel deflated when a movement is announced that we struggle with.

To add insult to injury, the scoring of the CrossFit Open punishes you for a weakness far more than it rewards you for a strength.  For example:  If you take first place in 4 workouts (4 total points) and finish middle of the pack on the 5th workout (15,000 points depending on your division) then your total of 15,004 points sends you plummeting down the leaderboard.  By contrast someone who ends up in 1000th place on all 5 workouts with 5000 total points is well ahead of the first example.

The lesson here is know your weaknesses and work on them everyday until they become a strength.  We all hate doing the things that we struggle with, but you have to get uncomfortable to grow.

For most of us what we need is consistency in showing up, focus on moving correctly before adding load and intensity, stop avoiding the movements you struggle with, let go of your ego and dial in your nutrition.  Focus on these principles (I can’t emphasize the last enough) and you will see the greatest improvement to your overall fitness and health.

The next step is knowing your weakness and attack it with a plan.  Want to get a chest to bar pull-up?  Is the issue technique or strength?  Do you need help in knowing how to do the movement or help with building strength to do the movement?

WE WANT TO HELP – our coaches and staff here at CrossFit DFW are here because we want to help you get better, healthier and more fit.  We offer personal training and targeted programming to help improve your specific weaknesses.  Personal training can be as little as one 30 minute session or can be multiple hours a week.  Additional programming can help add strength, improve conditioning and target weaknesses.  Contact us for more information on costs and scheduling.

Don’t wait until 2 weeks before the next CrossFit Open to start working towards improvement.  Do it now!  Especially because the next one arrives in October.  We have 6 months people.  Get started by contacting Courtney@crossfitdfw.com or Lance@crossfitdfw.com today!